1950's Wood Ammo Crate For 3.5" Bazooka

1950's Wood Ammo Crate For 3.5" Bazooka
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Product Description

Real US military wood crate, originally used for 3.5 inch Bazooka rounds. They are very well made with a hinged lid with clasp and 2 heavy duty rope handles. They are heavy duty crates made to hold a lot of weight being moved around on the battlefield while keeping the high explosive contents safe, so they are well built and heavy duty (and heavy, averaging 20 pounds each!) made of heat treated, non-pressure treated wood (so no chemicals in it).

These have lots of great uses- kids toyboxes, holding rifles, spare auto parts in the garage, ammo, and much more. A local customer has been taking the lids off and using them as planters for growing flowers, tomatoes etc- and with the handles they can be easily moved around in your garden or yard!

These are heavy, 20 pounds, so yes the shipping will be what it is- we just charge the actual rates we pay. Selling these for such a low price for a 65+ year old item we can't give discounted shipping too. If you have a need for 20 or more we can get you a quote on truck freight that will be much cheaper in bulk- email contact@oldgrouch.com with the following info- number you want, address, if you have a loading dock or forklift available, and if you are OK picking them up at the nearest frieght terminal or what them delivered to a home/business and we will get you a quote.