MRE Emergency Rations Super Deal- With Heaters- Read Details!

MRE Emergency Rations Super Deal- With Heaters- Read Details!
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Product Description

OK, we scored a good deal on these, but they are not a typical MRE so read the details.

First thing- there are 14, not 12 meals in one of these cases!

These are MRE style "Emergency Ration Meals" made by the same company that makes many of the MRE's. They are packed for 1060 calories per meal. These were made for disaster relief primarily for government agencies- more about that later. The contents were chosen for higher calorie content and longer shelf life in a smaller package, that is why there are 14 in a case instead of 12.

The meals all have the heaters (the heaters alone sell for around $1 each, so there is a $14 value before we even get to the food!), the main course, crackers, peanut butter or jelly/jam, a Pop tart packed MRE style, a Tootsie Roll or similar candy, small accessory pack and more.

Main course entrees include Vegetable Lasagna, Beef Ravioli, Cheese Tortellini, Chili & Macaroni, Penne Pasta, and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

Now, here is the deal- these MRE's are all right around 3 years old. They came from a government emergency stockpile where they were properly stored in a cooled, climate controlled facility and we have verified that. The manufacturer says that when stored at 50 degrees, where they were kept, these have a shelf life of 96 months (8 years). By policy the government agency rotates stock every 3-4 years, so that is how we scored these.

These will have between 4-5 years of shelf life left, per the manufacturers published data. Some people will say that those values are conservative and they last longer because the manufacturers dates are run by lawyers, but I will leave that judgement to you.

So, while these last you can get MRE's for a lot less than normal costs. Do the math- just the entree usually is $3, so 14 of them is $42 alone, plus the heaters worth $14, plus all the side dishes!