3500# Locking Slot Webbing 100yard roll

3500# Locking Slot Webbing 100yard roll
Item# ls100roll
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Product Description

This is by the factory roll of 100 yards(300 feet). Sometimes the factory rolls are one run, sometimes they may have 2 or 3 pieces on the roll.

This is real military locking slot nylon webbing. It is a strong 1" wide 3500 pound test flat nylon webbing that is made much more versatile because there are 1.25" slots woven into it every 3.75"- giving you a slot every 5" on center.

With those slots you can weave it into any size custom cargo or safety net! Make custom nets for truck beds, Jeep or rock buggy cages, kids playgrounds and tree houses.... Anything you can imagine a net for you can make!

It's also super handy for other uses because you can hook a carbiner or other rigging into the slot. This means you can wrap around an object and tie off by hooking a carabiner into two slots anywhere along the length.

Great for people making custom hammocks and gear, or use in a tree stand!

Real military issue, brand new, made in the USA!