5 Pack Brand New G3 HK-91 Cetme Magazines

5 Pack Brand New G3 HK-91 Cetme Magazines
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Product Description

We just got lucky and were able to find some brand new HK mags! This supply of brand new ones is limited and mags are going fast right now, so expect them to run out soon.

Packaging will vary, as these are real German military surplus, but the picture is a sample of the variety of packaging we are finding on these.

Aluminum bodied German issue magazines for the G-3 and HK-91, brand new. These also work in most of the Cetme rifles, with a Cetme some fitting may be required.

These are all Pre-1990 manufacture, so for those needing "pre-ban" mags these are compliant. I cannot ship these magazines to CA, DC, MA, HI, NY and NJ until you folks elect some politicians with common sense who change those idiotic laws.