5 Pack Multipurpose Military Cam Buckle Straps

5 Pack Multipurpose Military Cam Buckle Straps
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Product Description

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These military issue straps are some of the handiest things you can have around the house, shop, farm, on the trail or anywhere else.

They are 54" long with a cam type buckle that securely latches and holds tight to allow you to strap anything down you need- hold items in place on a roof rack, to a pack frame, to each other- these straps hold securely.

Ideal straps for holding down a gas can / Jerry can to a roof rack or in the carrier.

Watch the video to see how they work!

We have both the long and short buckle style available at this time, the video shows the difference, and we have used and new ones available- the new ones are $2.75 more per 5 pack.