Ammo Can Special 3 25mm and 3 30cal Cans

Ammo Can Special 3 25mm and 3 30cal Cans
Item# 2530combo
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Product Description

We have put together this special combo set that packs the largest amount of cans/storage space in cans we can pack into one package without going over the size and weight limits for a FedEx Ground shipment and made a special package deal from it! Over 60 pounds when packaged to go, you get 3 30 Caliber cans and 3 of the large 25mm cans. Any more cans and it would be overweight, any more or larger cans and it would be an oversized box.

The 30 cal cans are 11" L X 3 3/4" W X 7 1/4" H with a hinged lid that has a clamp on one end. The 25mm cans are 14"x13"x5.5" with a fully removable lid that clamps on both ends. Over 3900 cubic inches of storage inside the cans in this set total!

All cans are in good shape, with good inspected gaskets and rust free insides.