AR-15 Combat MOLLE Vest Set

AR-15 Combat MOLLE Vest Set
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Product Description

We have had people coming in looking for basic tactical vest setups to go with rifles they have purchased, and we recently got enough components to offer these vests. Everything in this set is 100% real military issue, American made gear and they cost less than the Chinese made copies.

This set is made for an AR-15, and includes:

US issue Coyote Brown Fighting Load carrier vest- this vest is adjustable from small out to 56", can be fastened with a zipper or buckle straps, and has lots of MOLLE webbing for attachment of straps. 4 USMC issue Speed Reload Magazine Pouches- these pouches have a plastic insert that will hold the magazine tight without need for a top flap to allow rapid access, but also have a velcro flap that can be used when needed. works with all types of 5,56/223 20 or 30rd magazines. 1 USMC Grenade/Compass/Bandage pouch 1 USMC Issue utility pouch- originally a pouch for side armor plates, these work great for utility pouches of any kind.

Also we have an option to add, as seen in front of the set, to add a USMC IFAK/First Aid pouch and a USMC Issue Tourniquet Pouch.

These are a great on-stop option to get a basic tactical vest setup that will work be affordable but not made of cheap stuff that will fail you.

These ship unassembled so you can configure the size and pouch placement to your needs.