Army Individual First Aid Kit- IFAK Woodland Camo

Army Individual First Aid Kit- IFAK Woodland Camo
Item# IFAK-Woodland
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Product Description

Love the Army IFAK design, but hate the ACU camo it comes in? This is for you! This is the same IFAK as we have always offered, but these are in a used woodland camo case (Inside organizer is foliage green and not woodland, but unless you are using the kit it is not seen). All the first aid gear is still in the wrapper, with the exception that in some the CAT Torniquet has been taken out of the platic wrap, but is still servicable. You save $25 when you get the one in the used case!

The IFAK will be issued to every Soldier via the Soldier as a System (SaaS) Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI). Weighing one pound, the IFAK will consist of the following six (6) expendable medical items packaged inside of a modified MOLLE 100 round SAW ammo pouch.


6515-01-521-7976 Tourniquet, Combat Application 1

6510-01-492-2275 Bandage Kit, Elastic 1

6510-01-503-2117 Bandage GA4-1/2(Israeli Bandage) 100s 1

6510-00-926-8883 Adhesive Tape Surg 2 6s 1

6515-01-180-0467 Airway, Nasopharyngeal, 28Fr, 12s 1

6515-01-519-9161 Glove, Patient Exam 100s 4

Benefit Against the Threat The IFAK increases individual Soldier capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway. These capabilities increase Soldier survivability during dispersed operations and the expandable pouch allows for METT-C specific add-ins.