Canteen Cup, Canteen Cup Stove & Fuel Combo Set

Canteen Cup, Canteen Cup Stove & Fuel Combo Set
Item# cantcupset

Product Description

** note we are now shipping these with a larger pack of hexamine fuel tablets instead of the smaller Esbit pack shown. Same price but twice as much fuel for you.**

Every survival kit and bug out bag needs this set! You get a real USGI canteen cup, your choice of new or used, a real USGI canteen cup stove, and a pack of 20 German made Esbit fuel tablets.

The canteen cup stove can be used with just the fuel tabs, just a small fire made from small sticks and tinder, or our favorite way is both- start with a fuel tab, then feed it small pieces of tinder to build a bigger fire. When not in use the stove can be turned upside down and it nests on the bottom of the canteen cup, so it takes up no extra room in your pack or can ride inside the canteen cover.