This netting is in very short supply!

Camo Netting
---- a word of caution- we have discovered there is now knock-off netting being made to look like this stuff, but it is not radar scattering nor is it engineered for Thermal screening. We have the real stuff, make sure any other vendor has the real stuff also is shopping elsewhere!---

We just got a very, very limited supply of the latest military issue camouflage netting. Known as the ULCANS (Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Netting System) it is a much better system.

From the manufacturers brochure:

"ULCANS enhances force survivability by protecting against visual, as well as modern infrared, near infrared, and radar threats. The threat has changed in the twenty-five years since the last update to U.S. screen camouflage. Sophisticated sensors, exploiting cuts of the spectrum unthinkable a quarter century ago, are now fielded in quantity to the traditional threats and proliferated to the asymmetrical threat."

Full brochure here:

The thermal signature of anything underneath is reduced by 80% using this netting! In addition it heats and cools at the same rate as vegetation so it maintains the same thermal background signature as the environment warms and cools.

We have 3 sizes- the large ones are a diamond and hex shape, that can be hooked together. The diamond measures 27.9x16.1 feet for 224.5 sq ft of coverage.. The hex measures 32.2 x27.9ft for 673.6 sq ft of coverage. The hex is by far the best value for your money.

They can be hooked together to for sizes as big as you may wish.

A good breakdown of how they can be hooked together is in the manual at the link below (copy and paste into your browser) on page 1-7.

Finally we have a few smaller "individual" sized peices, they measure 3'x6' and are ideal for use to hide a person or small tent, or hook a few together for a bigger tent.