Camouflage Netting By The Yard

Camouflage Netting By The Yard
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Product Description

This is some brand new camo netting we got on rolls direct from the manufacturer. It is woodland camo with a good green/brown balance on one side (shown here) and much heavier brown on the reverse side. It is the leafy net only without any string backing making it lighter and meaning it blows in the breeze just like natural vegetation, making it perfect for use in hunting blinds. The net is very light, making it ideal for carry as an individual sized net to hide a fighting position of bivouac site.

The net is 5' (60") wide and sold by the yard (3'). 1 yard gets you a 3'x5' (15 sq feet) piece, 2 yards gets you a 6'x5' (30 sq feet) piece and so on.

We can't get it any wider than 5', to get wider you can lay two sections overlapping and run parachute cord trough both to lace them together adding a knot every 5 feet or so and it makes a nice strong joint that can also be used to support the net.

This netting is ideal for hunting blinds and tree stands as well as keeping your campsight or anything else hidden from nosy folks.