Esbit Emergency Stove With Fuel

Esbit Emergency Stove With Fuel
Item# esbites1

Product Description

These little stoves are perfect for use in emergency kits, bug out bags, or even lightweight camping packs. Very light, and very simple to use, they work great with a canteen cup or USGI mess kit.

Measures 4 1/2" x 3 3/8" flat. Durable, galvanized steel construction, this stove folds into a cooking position, then flat again for several uses. Only one part to the stove, you can't come up with a simpler or easier design to work with. Tablet tray holds solid fuel in place. Stove design approved and used within NATO. Includes (3) Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets (14g) that will burn about 12 minutes each. Weight: 2.6 oz.