German Field Phone

German Field Phone
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Product Description

German Army field phones- these are very similar to the WWII style phones, but dated anywhere from the 1950's to the 1990's. Rugged, easy to use, and reliable- just run your wire (not included, any 2 conductor wire works and we often have the wire in stock) between 2 or more phones. Crank one phone and they all ring, pick the handset up, and talk.

Simple, rugged, and these can operate up to 20 miles apart if you run enough wire. Uses 2 D batteries that last a very long time.

These even have the NATO phonetic alphabet on the top and a electrical schematic on the inside of the lid.

Looking for a communications solution that is very reliable, can't be eavesdropped on like radio, and requires far less battery power than radios? These are an option that can't be beat.

We test each one when it comes in, unlike some other dealers that just take them out of the box and send them.

Sold individually, picture shows one open and one closed.