"Groucho" Hybrid MOLLE/ALICE War Belt System

"Groucho" Hybrid MOLLE/ALICE War Belt System
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Product Description

Introducing the Groucho MOLLE/ALICE Hybrid Load Carrying Rig.

Yes, we named it Groucho. Why? One, because it was our idea, two because the only real good combination of MOLLE/ALICE names is Malice and that name was taken long ago, and three because its a lot easier to discuss a rig with one name than to say “That hybrid rig with ALICE suspenders and a modified MOLLE 1 belt”.

So, what is it and who needs it? It is a hybrid of a slightly modified MOLLE 1 belt with ALICE suspenders. It allows you the fit and style of the ALICE gear that allows for lots of ventilation and keeping gear on your waist at the sides while also allowing you to securely use the newer and much wider selection of MOLLE pouches that fasten much more securely. It also works perfectly for carrying a USGI Buttpack as part of the setup. For those of you who have used ALICE gear, this setup takes the advantages of it plus has a more padded and comfortable belt. The belt has a mounting area in the center pack that is ideal for a buttpack and also has two cinch straps that can be used to hold a rolled up poncho or other gear as needed.

If you want or need to carry a dozen mags and loads of other gear, this probably isn't for you. But if you want a light minimalist style rig that can hold pouches to carry 3-4 mags, a canteen and a buttpack or a similar load then this setup is ideal- it is low cost, rugged, and easy to wear.

We have 2 sizes- the following measurement give you 4 listings- the maximum size they let out to, the minimum size they pull down to, the measurement of the MOLLE area outside and the measurement of padded area inside (if you look at the picture the inside continues behind the belt strap in the front for added padding). The way these are designed you will only have MOLLE mounting area for the part that has it and in the front just the belt strap. You can add pouches to the belt part itself if desired if they are the kind that can slip or wrap over it.

Small will fit waist sizes 30”(pulled in all the way)-40”(let out all the way) The MOLLE area of it on the outside is 26” across, the inside area is 30”

Large will fit waist sizes 36”(pulled in all the way)-50”(let out all the way) The MOLLE area of it on the outside is 30” across, the inside area is 35”

Built from used, real military issue components in good condition.