H & H Combat Eye Shield- Lot of 4

H & H Combat Eye Shield- Lot of 4
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We got a great buy on these- so great we are offering a lot of 4 for less than the normal cost for one.

NOTE- these are mostly past the "use by" date. The sterile wrap is intact and we have opened them and the adhesive is fully functional, so these are still very usable. If you are in an application that requires everything be "in-date" such as EMS these are not for you. If you are a shrewd buyer for personal use who doesn't mind something past its use-by date these are a tremendous bargain!

H&Hs Combat Eye Shield patented design (Design Patent No. D674,903) according to the specifications of several active duty surgeons of OIF/OEF to cover penetrating eye injuries. The Combat Eye Shield is designed to meet the CoTCCC guidelines for the treatment of penetrating eye trauma while providing a small, sterile package to fit in any trauma kit.

The Combat Eye Shield is composed of a 6 inch Hydrogel disc that surrounds a fox eye shield, giving a large surface area to attach to the casualty that will nor harm adjacent trauma or burns.

The Combat Eye Shield also comes with one 4" x 4" Gauze Pad to clean the surface of the wound area before applying the shield. The package comes vacuum sealed and sterilized for immediate use.

Not made with Natural Rubber Latex. US Design Patent No. D674,903

NSN: 6515-01-590-2668 Dimensions: 4″ x 2″ x 1/4″