GEN II Improved Military Poncho MARPAT Camo- Made in USA!

GEN II Improved Military Poncho MARPAT Camo- Made in USA!
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**** OK, this is a special limited run in woodland MARPAT material. Tim was able to find about 400 yards, enough to make about 120 ponchos. So these ponchos will be the same specs as the Improved MILSPEC version we offer but in a material that is MARPAT on one side and Coyote brown on the other.

Please note to make the most of the materiel we have the binding on the inside of the edge, where the hardware mounts, will either be made of a solid brown or woodland camo material. This will only be on the back side around the edge, not on the outside. This allows us to make the most of the limited amount of fabric we obtained, to make it a MARPAT strip we would have to send an entire roll of cloth off to be sliced into 1" wide rolls and that would waste a lot of material. Since our buyers are real users and not folks who care about fashion we made a judgement call to make as many as possible from what material was avilable and not worry if 1" of material on the inside matched exactly- we are sure you won't mind and most people won't even notice, but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware.

Orders are projected to begin shipping OCT 31, and will be filled first come,. first serve in the order they are received by us****

We set out to build the worlds best poncho- and we did. Nobody else sells this, it is our exclusive item. You will not find a better constructed, better designed or more rugged poncho anywhere in the world- period.

We had been selling a really nice poncho from an American maker, and when they quit we decided that it was time to take matters into our own hands make the best poncho ever.

So, we did. This poncho is made to the size specs of the US type II poncho at 60"x82" from a rugged 70 denier ripstop nylon with a waterproof coating. The material is MILSPEC material that meets all specs including for night visions/IR visibility.

We used brass spur grommets instead of the weaker washer grommets found on a MILSPEC unit. They grip harder and are less likely to ever come loose.

We used the heavy duty high-impact plastic snaps that are the same as the snaps on the USMC field tarp and the latest generation MILSPEC poncho. They are stronger than the brass snaps while being lighter.

We use a 500 pound test webbing to reinforce the hems- way stronger than any other poncho made. That means almost 25 feet of 500 pound test webbing all the way around the poncho. This way you will never have to worry about your poncho ripping or the hardware pulling out when you rig it as a shelter or use it in severe conditions. The specs for a MILSPEC poncho call for the edges where the snaps and grommets go to be reinforced by a wimpy 75 pound test cotton canvas material- it can be cut material and not webbing. Cheaper ponchos use no reinforcement at all in many cases or just an extra layer of the poncho material.

We redesigned the hood to be made from one piece of material instead of two, going from a pull seam to a partial seam eliminating the seam from the top of the head.

We redesigned all the seams in a way that seals without requiring the extra layers of material and that do not require thick layers of seam sealer. You can still put your own seam sealer on the seams if you desire, but we have found that it isn't needed for almost all users. This has two advantages- it means after a few years you won't have a mess where the seam dealer starts peeling off and it also allows the poncho to fold up smaller because the hood and area around it has less bulky, more flexible seams.

We eliminated the drawstring inside. The drawstring is found on the MILSPEC ones but everybody we know always rips the thing out as soon as they get the poncho becuse it hangs on your clothing and gear. Sewing in the attachments for the drawstring weakens the material and puts a possible failure point in the poncho, so we decided it was stupid to weaken the poncho body for soenthibg everybody gets rid of right away.

There are a bunch of other small changes too, all for the better. This is not the cheapest poncho you will buy, but it will be the best one you ever buy and we have no doubt you will be 100% satisfied or we will refund your money.

Since people who actually use their gear can damage even the best stuff, and we know avoid nets happen, we are also including a free section of our adhesive parachute repair material with every one so that if you do damage it you can patch it quickly and drive on with your mission.