Level II Home / Office / Car First Aid Kit

Level II Home / Office / Car First Aid Kit
Item# Level_II_First_Aid_Kit

Product Description


Our newest first aid kit, this kit is perfect for keeping at home, work, or in the car. It comes in a durable, high visibility Flambeau case that American made, and has over 200 items inside organized on 3 levels. This kit is easy to use, easy to store, and the box is large enough that you still have room to customize the kit to your needs.

Contains the following:

5 Bulkee II Sponge 6x6

1 Hydrogen Peroxide

2 Compress Bandage 4x4

2 Compress Bandage 8x10

100 Bandage Strips 1x3

10 Knuckle Bandages

5 Packs Triple Antibiotic Cream

5 packs Burn/First Aid Cream

1 Burn Dressing 4x4

1 Hypoallergenic Tape 1

3 Gauze Bandages 4x4

2 Gauze Bandages 2x2

1 Large Instant Ice Pack

1 Tourniquet

2 Elastic Bandages 2

1 Elastic Bandage 6

2 Pairs Gloves

1 SS Tweezers/Magnifier

1 Sting/Tick Extraction Kit

10 Pain Reliever Packs

1 Pair EMT Shears

6 Safety Pins

10 Alcohol Wipes

4 Iodine Wipes

3 After-Bite Wipes

5 Butterfly Skin Closures