Load bearing Vest GEN I Used

Load bearing Vest GEN I Used
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Add Pistol Belt:  Add Canteen and Cover:  Add extra ALICE mag pouches:  Add MOLLE waist pack: 

Product Description

For under $15 you can have a basic, rugged tactical vest!

These are used US Military first generation load bearing vests. They have four magazine pouches to hold 6 magazines total, 2 grenade/bandage/utility pouches, and a rugged nylon backing. The back panel allows a buttpack, canteen or other gear to be mounted carried in back, we find the MOLLE waist pack works perfect for this. These are used in great condition.

The loops at the bottom allow a pistol belt to be attached in order to attach other accessories like a canteen cover or more mag pouches, we have the option to add any of those to this listed as add-ons.

People has asked about the size. These have a lace up side made from parachute cord, so you can tighten it down really small, or let it out really big and even add more para cord to make it bigger if you want, I have fit customers who wear a 4x BDU top in them by adding more para cord.