London Bridge Poncho liner System with Zipper- ACU

London Bridge Poncho liner System with Zipper- ACU
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Product Description

The only way to make a poncho liner better- add a zipper! These are standard size poncho liners made by London Bridge Trading, with a zipper added so they can lay flat just like a standard poncho liner or zip up like a sleeping bag. This allows for a pretty good increase in warmth because it traps more warm air inside and keeps you from having your legs slip out as you sleep.

These are from a lot that LBT got stuck with when the Army abandoned the ACU/UCP camo pattern. They are still great, first quality liners that will keep you just as warm, and are out here for $20 less than what we have to get for the zipper liners in other patterns- when we can even get them!

This is a one-time buy for us, so get them while they last.