Long Term Storage Ammo Can & Dessicant Kit Extra Large

Long Term Storage Ammo Can & Dessicant Kit Extra Large
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Product Description

This is a set we made up for those who wish to pack guns, ammo, or any other valuables away for long term storage. It comes has a huge ammo can that measures 31.5"x12"x6" and enough dessicant that is rated for more than double the airspace in the can for extra protection. The dessicant will need to be reactivated by placing it in the oven (directions are on the package, a small toaster oven works great), then pack your goods in, add the dessicant, and seal it. The dessicant will absorb all the moisture in the air so that your valuables will not rust or have corrosion and the can will not sweat or condense inside is stored in a cool place.

These are a great way to protect your goods in a humid environment or if you are storing them away long term! I have also had customer adding locks to these to make strong, but inexpensive, lock boxes for rifles.

50 cal ammo can in the photo shown for scale- these are big cans!