Merino Wool Socks 3 Pack Deal! Made in the USA

Merino Wool Socks 3 Pack Deal! Made in the USA
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Product Description

We got another lot of these socks. Last year we got a batch and sold out in 48 hours, so get yours while they last!

These socks were made here in NC for a major outdoor brand name that we can't disclose, and we have a deal to take the manufacturers overstock each year about this time after the production is done. They are 80% Merino wool, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex and are very thick and comfortable. These socks were labeled for the original customer with a price of $18.50 EACH! Our price is 1/4 of that, we are offering a pack of 3 for $13.96, just $4.65 a pair.

Colors will vary but most of the ones on this batch have the gray heel, with a smaller amount red or blue. If you have a preference please note it in the comments.

These are labeled as fitting sizes 10-13, but we find they fit from 9-13 fine. I wear a 9 and they fit me fine.

Because of how we got this deal the packaging styles may vary, but they are all the same socks. For this deal they wrapped them up in whatever packs they had to keep the costs down..