Military Camo Netting Poles / Antenna Pole Sets

Military Camo Netting Poles / Antenna Pole Sets
Item# lcsspoles
Add 12 Aluminum Tent Stakes: 

Product Description

These are the military support poles for the military camo netting- but they are also great for antenna poles for ham radio, holding up hunting blinds, sign poles or anything else you can think of. They are 4 feet long and 1 3/4' diameter and designed to stack on top of each other so you can make a pole as high as needed. Each kit has 12 poles and 3 of the "flower petal" spreaders that were originally used to hold the netting up but can be modified for use as guy wire mounts or anything else you can imagine. The kit comes stored in a heavy duty vinyl duffel bag type bag.

We are offering a chance to add 12 12" aluminum tent stakes for $10, that is half the cost that the stakes would sell for alone.

These kits are 55 pounds, so you west coast folks may want to look at shipping cost to be sure as they will be expensive to ship all the way across the country.