Military Rugged laptop/Equipment Hardigg Case

Military Rugged laptop/Equipment Hardigg Case
Item# msdcase

Product Description

We got a great deal on these are are passing it on- these cases are rugged waterproof cases made for carrying a ruggedzed military laptop that was used for diagnostic and test equipment. They have loads of possibilities, from carrying laptops to ham radio go kits to high dollar automotive scan tools.

Aprox dimensions are as follows for case only, not counting any foam or padding inside:

Outside 7"h X 23"w X 21" deep

Inside 5"h X 21"w X 20" deep

The smaller square for the computer measures 17" w X 14" deep

These are used, may have varied amounts of foam inside or none and may have markings on the outside in permanent marker or have sticker/tape residue.

This are 13 pounds empty, however be aware that the shipping companies all use what they call "dimensional weight" where a bulky but light package is billed at a higher cost- these will cost the same to ship as a package about 25 pounds. The shopping cart will calculate the shipping costs properly but be aware we are only charging the actual rate and there is nothing we can do to take it down from where it is.