MOLLE Woodland Pistol Holster M9 M1911 Glock

MOLLE Woodland Pistol Holster M9 M1911 Glock
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Product Description

The Specialty Defense Systems Pistol Holster is designed to carry the 9mm military issue pistol. MOLLE/PALS attachment so it can be carried on any vest, leg platform, pack or anything else with MOLLE attachment points. This holster will also accept most medium and large framed semi automatic pistols, including most by Glock, H&K, Sig, Springfield, Beretta, and others. Spare mag pocket. Snap lid closure. Jumpable approved for airborne operations, meaning it has passed all the rigorous tests to ensure it can handle the rigors of jumping into a 120MPH+ slipstream and shock of a parachute opening without coming off or losing the pistol- so you know your pistol will be secure.