Multicam MILSPEC Poncho, made in USA by government contractor.

Multicam MILSPEC Poncho, made in USA by government contractor.
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Product Description

One item that has been hard to find as of late is the real US military poncho. It seems all that is on the market are imported copies, and those mostly poor quality.

We finally found a first solution with a our Woodland MILSPEC ponchos with a good manufacturer who also does military contracts and knows how to get it done right.

Then we set out to find real US made Multicam material at a good price to have some made. It took over a year, but was well worth the wait- these are real, better than MILSPEC ponchos made in the USA. We say better than MILSPEC because while these are made to the exact same design and dimensions as the military issue ponchos, they are made from a more durable ripstop nylon material in Multicam that is also very light- just 18 ounces for a complete finished poncho! The hood & neck have waterproofed seams with a draw cord closure & cord-lock. The sides have the proper brass grommets and snaps, no cheap hardware. All seams have been sealed with the proper sealant, even where the drawstring attachments are sewn in have the stitching sealed thanks to the attention to detail put into these!

Approximately: 60" x 90"

The poncho can be used as a rain garment or be used to make a shelter. Two ponchos can be snapped together to make a two-person tent. also can be used for camouflage, a ground cloth, and much more. One of the most versatile items in any kit!