Multicam Multipurpose Survival Field Tarp

Multicam Multipurpose Survival Field Tarp
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Product Description

We have had great success with the woodland version of this tarp, but many customers preferred a Multicam version. Until now we were unable to source enough American made fabric in Multicam to make these, but that has changed- and they are here. 100% American made, down to the cloth and the hardware.

These tarps are 100% brand new, made in USA, MILSPEC tarps printed with the woodland camo pattern on one side and desert tan on the other. They measure 81"x88" and have 8 heavy duty grommets and 24 alternating snaps around the edge,making them extremely versatile. 8 shock cord ties already on the grommets allow you to quickly and easily string this as a shelter and keep it tight. Weight is a light 1.6 pounds.

The potential uses are almost unlimited, but here are a few examples:

A tent or shelter can be made from 1, 2 or more. Either using a pole or stick on both ends like a pup tent, or with a single pole on one corner with the other 3 corners staked down, or with 2 poles or hung between two trees in lean-to fashion. With these tarps and some para cord the shelter options are almost unlimited.

Use to construct a tent or lean-to- using one tarp or you can snap 2 or more together.

Use as a ground cloth.

Us as a simple camo cover for a hunting position.

Use and a field expedient litter.

Use to construct a "poncho raft", with no hood they work better than a poncho.

Use as a rain cover or fly over a hammock.

Those are but a few of the uses! These are such a versatile item that every survival kit and bug out bag needs one.