NATO Pattern 10L/ 2.5 Gallon Jerry Can- Czech or Russian Made

NATO Pattern 10L/ 2.5 Gallon Jerry Can- Czech or Russian Made
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Product Description

Just back in stock, these great 2.5 gallon jerry cans! Made like a mini version of the 20L/5 gallon cans, these use the same spouts as the other NATO type cans (best spout is our Econo Nozzle).

We will inspect them all before they ship, the insides will be serviceable (no more than a few bad spots on the lining if any), the gaskets checked for proper seal and replaced if needed. The exteriors all have several coats or shades of paint and will have some surface rust where paint has rubbed, but they clean up and paint really nice if you want to.

This size is great one because full they are not too heavy, so they are easier to handle and keep on roof racks and in your vehicle, but the 2.5 gallon capacity is a lot better than the 1 gallon NATO cans out there.

Most of these are of Czech manufacture. There are some Russian amde ones as well, with either Cyrillic markings or the "teapot" makers mark. We are offering to hand select Russian ones for a small fee for those who want them (a lot of you folks with the Russian made motorcycles need these!)

Jerry cans of all sizes all sell out fast when we get them, so don't wait on these!