Nato Gas Can Gaskets- Set of 3

Nato Gas Can Gaskets- Set of 3
Item# nato_gas_can_gaskets

Product Description

When we started getting the Czech gas cans in, I looked long and hard for a source for gaskets and found there were none. One major vendor has some that are the wrong shapes (they are for the nozzles, not the can lids) and one had imported surplus gaskets of unknown age. So I went down and had a local gasket maker custom make the tooling to cut these gaskets right and have them made. It took some time, but the result is what you see here- brand new, fresh nitrile rubber gaskets, 1/8 inch thick, in the proper size for your Nato cans. They do cost more than the other gaskets out there, but these are the best you will find!

Note- these are light, so we suggest buying them in multiple lots or with other items to spread the shipping cost. UPS charges virtually the same for a .2 pound package as a 2 pound package.