New Style US Army Duffel Bag With Zipper

New Style US Army Duffel Bag With Zipper
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Product Description

This is the latest version of the Army duffel bag, introduced in 2013. The Army looked for a way to combine the best features of the traditional duffel bag with the flyer kit bag, loved by many for its wide zipper top but lacking in carry straps.

The result is a bag with the same internal capacity of the duffel bag, 2 padded shoulder straps on one side for carrying long distances, 2 carry handles on top for quick movement, 4 cinch straps to tighten it up when carried with less than a full load, a heavy duty zipper and a shackle that allows the zipper to be locked closed like the older duffel bags could be.

This bag is the real thing, made in the USA, used in excellent condition. Lock not included.