Night Vision Hard Storage Case Waterproof 16"x15"x8"

Night Vision Hard Storage Case Waterproof 16"x15"x8"
Item# 7acase

Product Description

These are hard cases originally made for the PVS-7A/C series night visions goggles. They are made of high impact hard plastic, measure 16"x15"x8", have places to padlock them, pring loaded handle that automatically folds flat, and are waterproof with a pressure relief valve.

These cases are great for shipping and storing anything you want to keep safe and secure- electronics, pistols, optics and more. A lot of our local ham radio operators are making comms boxes from these..

Foam liner inside can be used used as-is, cut to shape for what you need, or removed. We have found a thin fillet knife heated up slices it really sell for shaping it to your needs.

Used, in good condition, we will inspect the seals on them to make sure they are all good- may need some light cleaning and may have tape or markings on the outside from government labeling.