Original US Military Vietnam Era Poncho- Unissued

Original US Military Vietnam Era Poncho- Unissued
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Product Description

It has been years since we have seen any of these, and this is a one time find!

Original Vietnam era ponchos! These are the real deal, all we have looked at have been dated either 1959 or 1963 (sorry, no picking dates). They are brand new, still coated in the talcum powder from the factory, still with the drawstrings inside rolled up nice and neat.

These are some of the best ponchos made, ever. The fabric these are made from is durable and rugged, they are made with the great 1950's/1960's American craftsmanship, and they are real originals.

The only defect on these is there will be some marks on them where the hardware has been pushed against fabric as they sat folded for 50+ years. This is strictly cosmetic and does not affect the use or strength of the fabric.

Only 75 available as of the posting, when they are gone they are gone!