Original WWII and WWI Canteens

Original WWII and WWI Canteens
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Working the the warehouse we found a small stash of these original WWII canteens. There is a strong demand for these older metal canteens both form collectors and from people who still prefer them to use over the modern plastic ones.

We have 3 kinds. Shown in the picture are the WWII styles- on the left is the stainless steel version and on the right the aluminum. Both were used throughout the war and after. We also have, not shown in the pictures, a limited number of WWI dated canteens with the metal cap for a few dollars more while they last.

These canteens are all used, in usable condition. The cork seal in the cap may have been replaced with a plastic one as the military carried these well into the 1960's and that was commonly done. If they have original cork seals and you plan to use it you may want to replace the 50+ year old cork before you do, that is easy with a small piece of cork gasket material from the hardware or auto parts store.