Pack of 3 East German Pocket Stoves With Fuel

Pack of 3 East German Pocket Stoves With Fuel
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Product Description

These East German stoves are great- they were patterned after the famous Esbit stoves, but made behind the iron curtain. Each stove is made of copperwashed steel giving it a great appearance and greater corrosion resistance. Each stove has 12 fuel tablets included, each one will burn around 15 minutes. This pack has 3 stoves, so you get 36 fuel tablets- a total of 9 hours of burn time! You won't find a better stove solution for your emergency kits, these are light, compact, simple and reliable!

Note- our latest batch of these has a lot that are a silver finish with two large solid sheets of fuel that you break into whatever size you need. They function the same, and actually have more fuel by volume. You will likely get a mix of types.