Pack of 5 XXL US Navy Thermal Shirts

Pack of 5 XXL US Navy Thermal Shirts
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Product Description

Do we have a deal for you- if you happen to wear a XXL shirt! These are real US Navy shirts, all black, made in the USA, and are really nice quality. Long sleeve with a mock turtleneck, these are made of a heavyweight 66% Nylon, 19% Polyester, 15% Spandex (Elastane)that feels very similar to the Under Armor brand insulated shirts. Nice, warm and durable. To give you an idea of the thickness and quality of the fabric each shirt weighs in at almost a pound.

The bad news is that we have just one size- XXL. Well, bad news unless you can wear XXL anyway. The good news is that because there was just one size we got these at a steal of a price and are offering a helluva deal back. $23.95 not for one shirt, but for 5 made in the USA, MILSPEC, thermal shirts!

If these shirts will work for you I suggest thinking long term and getting a bunch, as these won't be around long and it will pay off to buy a bunch and put them aside for the future.