Pelican Hardigg Military Rifle Transport Case

Pelican Hardigg Military Rifle Transport Case
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US Military Issue M-16/M-4 Rifle Transport CasesThese cases are made to hold up to 12 rifles, plus 24 magazines, in a waterproof, airtight, lockable protective carrying case. They weigh in at 62 pounds each empty- they are no light duty case. Great for carrying your rifles to the range, for storage in harsh environments, or for dealers to carry expensive rifles to gun shows.

These have a pressure release valve for equalizing air pressure- I tried to open one and the air pressure was less inside, so much it was sucking it closed until I pressed the valve and let air in for about 20 seconds. These things seal tight!

Holds six rifles per side- seems to work with full size AR's and M4 clones. The rifles are secured by a cross bar that is locked into place by two steel rods that can be padlocked. Also holds 12 magazines per side! The sides are totally separated when opened.

These are used, and will have sticker and tape on them as well as residue, dirt, some corrosion on outside hardware, and some painted markings. However they will be 100% functional with working hardware, good seals, and ready for use. Clean them up or use them as is.

These will ship Fedex Ground, but our shipping calculator is only accurate for up to 3 cases. For 3 or more call or email us and we can arrange cheaper shipment by truck in most cases.

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