Polish Army Field Phone TAJ-43

Polish Army Field Phone TAJ-43
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Product Description

These are Polish military TAJ-43 field phones. They are a rugged design based on the German military design from the 1930's with some improvements.

These phones will work with the US TA-312 TA-1 or German phones.

Originally powered by a now impossible to find dry cell battery, we have tested and found that they will work powered by anywhere from 1.5-12vdc. 3-6v seems to provide a good balance of battery cost and usability, and we are supplying these with a holder for 4 AA batteries. In testing these will last at least 60 days of typical use. They have terminals that will allow you to sue your own battery or power source, so you can configure these for any kind of power you want, even a simple solar powered set would be easy.

Like the other field phones, these are a great way to provide simple, secure and reliable communications for a group, neighborhood or between buildings on a farm or business.

We are offering the following options- A sling to carry it for $3.75 A spare AA battery pack for $2.00 There is a nice original earphone designed to be worn on the head if someone is going to be using one long term to allow listening without picking up the headset that plugs in along with the handset. We have a limited number, while they last they are $9.00