Refurbished Kevlar PASGT Helmet

Refurbished Kevlar PASGT Helmet
Item# pasgtrefurb

Product Description

These are real US Military PASGT kevlar helmets, the first generation helmet that was introduced around 1983 and is still in use by some branches and units the US Military today.

We take these helmets, give them a good inspection, repaint them to your choice of Coyote Brown (shown), Olive Drab or Black, add a new sweatband (the latest improved model sweatband used in the USMC lightweight helmet versions that have web suspension) and include a new parachutist pad that mounts to the rear that you can use if desired. We also mount a brand new Norotos night vision mount to the front that is compatible with the standard Rhino type night vision mounts.

These helmets are ideal for those who want a good ballistic helmet at an affordable price for personal use or for law enforcement.

Helmets may take 2-4 days to ship depending on color availability and if we need to paint one to your specs or have it on the shelf ready.

Note- we will leave the sweatband uninstalled so you can install and fit it you your head, and the back pads are new but were in a box for years so stock together, there may be a slight mark from that on the back pad but it will be 1005 usable.