Real M-1943 Entreching Tools

Real M-1943 Entreching Tools
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Product Description

These are just in, and we usually do not ever have more than one or two in the store if we have any so finding a quantity is rare. They are real US Military issue M-1943 Entrenching Tools! These are real US Military WWII production tools in good working order. They are used, and most have several layers of government applied paint and typical wear, but they are a great collectible with lots of life left in them as a usable tool.

These are not the Chinese junk copies you see in most places- these 70+ year old tools are still far stronger and more usable than any of that junk.

We are offering a few options on these:

Condition- as found we will pick a good usable one that may need repainting or some minor surface rust cleaned off in a few spots, hand select where we pick the best of 5 with original military paint or repainted where we put a new coat of paint on them for people who want a usable tool and are not worried about originality (we match the original color pretty close)

Add replacement handle- we have also found a stock or original replacement handles, you can add one to have a spare in case you break yours. These are original US Military replacement handles.

Add cover- we have a limited stock or original post-WWII canvas covers we can add.