Rebuilt Optimus 111 Hiker Stoves SOLD OUT

Rebuilt Optimus 111 Hiker Stoves SOLD OUT
Item# 79647129

Product Description

These stoves are USMC surplus that we rebuild. The Optimus 111 is one of the finest stoves ever made, uses virtualy any fuel available, works at any altitude, and will not fail you! A finer stove is not available for this price, these stoves cost twice this new and the latest models are not as nice as they have a synthetic tank where these have a solid brass fuel tank.

We are now sold out on these and do not expect any more in.

we no longer have any blue stoves, all that we have left are green.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Fuels: Kerosene/paraffin, white gasoline/petrol, diesel oil, methylated alcohol/spirits and Coleman fuel. Weight: 1640 grams/58 oz. Measurements: 105x180x180 mm / 4.1x7.1x7.1" Rating: Appr. 3.000 watts/10.000 BTU Burning time: Up to 2 hours on one filling (0.35 litres/12 oz.) at high output. Boiling time, one litre of water: down to less than 3 minutes (varies with fuel, climate, altitude, tank pressure etc.).