Datrex Emergency Survival Rations 3 pack

Datrex Emergency Survival Rations 3 pack
Item# sosrations

Product Description

Designed for lifeboats and aircraft, these are also great for you car emergency kits, bug out bags, or even storage at home. These rations are military spec quality, so you know you can trust them. Because they are made for use on ships and aircraft they are ideal for bug out bags and car kits where the extreme temperature shifts can destroy other food rations.

You get 3 packages of 18 bars each.

3600 kcal per package.

High energy value / Ready to eat.

Non thirst provoking.

Small and lightweight.

All natural ingredients. No preservatives.

Superior coconut flavor.

Individual packs: 500g.

Tabletized and subpackaged for ease of rationing.

USCG, Canadian CoastGuard, EC and NZ approvals

Minimum 5 year shelf life.