Special Lightweight Poncho- Made In The USA

Special Lightweight Poncho- Made In The USA
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Product Description

Another project we worked hard on- many customers wanted a lightweight version of our ponchos.

We sourced some MILSPEC ripstop nylon fabric (made in the USA) that is durable, waterproof but lightweight. These ponchos complete come in at just 14 ounces! They still have all the proper MILSPEC grommets and double sided snaps to be able to use as a shelter.

Our regular MILSPEC ponchos weigh in at 21 ounces. So you can carry two of these and be only 7 ounces heavier than a single MILSPEC unit.

Now for the bad news- when the first batch of these rolled in our poncho manufacturer gave us the bad news that they were discontinuing poncho- poncho are very labor intensive to make and they have to stay under 50 employees due to mandates, so they are focusing on things that they can make more of with a limited work crew. So we got 144 of these on the first run, and when they are gone there will be no more.