Survival Canteen, Cup, Stove and Cover Set

Survival Canteen, Cup, Stove and Cover Set
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Product Description

** note we are now shipping these with a larger pack of hexamine fuel tablets instead of the smaller Esbit pack shown. Same price but twice as much fuel for you.**

This is a complete set- a US Military issue canteen, canteen cover, canteen cup, canteen cup stove and a box of hexamine fuel tablets. Great for camping, hiking, or survival and big out kits.

This set has a brand new canteen, used cover, your choice of a used canteen cup or new one, a brand new stove and a fresh box of hexamine fuel tablets.

We have the following options available right now- choose a new style canteen cup with wire handles or the older style single handle, choose between several cover options including used ALICE, new ALICE, use woodland camo MOLLE or new coyote brown MOLLE.

A note from Tim- my personal setup is a MOLLE cover (desert one painted green) and the old style handle setup- I like the MOLLE cover because it is easier to get the cup in and out and has 2 big acessory pockets for fuel tabs or water purification tablets/drops and I prefer the old style handle cups because I feel it provides a better grip and its what I grew up using.