Super Sale- USGI Pants Liners Case of 15

Super Sale- USGI Pants Liners Case of 15
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Product Description

OK, we got a great buy on these, but they take up a lot of space so we are selling them cheap, by the case.

They are USGI field pants liners, made for wear in cold climates. They have button holes in them, you can easily sew buttons into any pants to use these, or a lot of customers use them inside sleeping bags and around campsites for warmth, as they are very warm and light.

They are made of the same material as field jacket liners and poncho liners- a poncho liner you wear on your legs, that is winning!

These are all size medium- it will fit up to a size 36. There are 15 brand new pairs per case, sold by the case only. Use them all yourself, put them aside for a rainy day, make all your friends happy and give them some- we don't care what you do with them, but we need them gone, so you get them at less than $1 each!