Swiss Military Alcohol Stoves Pack of 3

Swiss Military Alcohol Stoves Pack of 3
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Product Description

The Swiss Army has all sorts of great stuff. These little alcohol stoves are one of the latest great surplus items we have found. They come nice small packages that includes the stand for placing your pot or pan on. Open it up, remove the sealed metal internal lid, put your cooking stand on top and light- you can be up and cooking in under a minute. We tested the burn time of one can to be about 45 minutes, and it boiled a canteen cup full of water in just under 15 minutes. You can put the cap back on and that extinguishes the flame, and you can store it for future use.

These are perfect for emergency kits for your home, car or pack. They are small, light, easy to use, and disposable. The gelled alcohol fuel can also be scooped out and used as a fire starter if you wish.

Sold in packs of 3. Real Swiss Military Surplus made in Switzerland!

NOTE- the last batch we got all had the matches removed, so the price is a little lower. Evidently importing these with the matches made US Customs mad, so they had to take them all out for all shipments now.