TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform

TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform
Tru-Spec’s innovative new TRU Tactical Response Uniform is based on the ACU recently adopted by the U.S. Army, which is currently available from Tru-Spec. With input from several tactical officers around the country, including members of the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE SRT team in San Diego, Tru-Spec has added several proprietary design improvements to its TRU aimed at improving functionality, durability and comfort in the field. Unlike the standard ACU, which is available only in a military digital pattern, Tru-Spec is offering the new TRU in six popular color choices (black, khaki, olive, navy, woodland camo and three-color desert camo) and with several coordinated accessory items including combat caps, matching t-shirts, shoulder conversion kits and name tape kits. All fabrics were developed and manufactured in U.S. government-approved factories and built to withstand battlefield conditions.

Some of the exclusive design improvements available only in the new TRU include:

-Zigzag stitching on the hook and loop of both the sleeve cuffs and the mandarin collar.

-Extra deep front trouser pockets.

-Double reinforced front trouser pocket openings to protect the pocket from wear and tear caused by the clip on pocket knives.

-All hook and loop fastenings are secured with new YKK PowerHookÒ.

-Hidden 5” x 5” pockets in each side of the trouser cargo pockets.

-Felled trouser inseams and felled jacket shoulder seams.

-Thicker than normal leg drawstrings to ensure they stay tied.

-Reinforced bar tack crotch seam.

-Clean finish hook and loop pocket flaps and cuffs.

-1” wide belt loops with 21/4” openings.

Not just a law enforcment uniform, this uniform is outstanding for all public safety applications. The pants are very popular in our local region for EMS and Search and Rescue.