ULCANS Camo Netting Individual Size 6.5'x3'

ULCANS Camo Netting Individual Size 6.5'x3'
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Product Description

In stock and shipping! This is the real stuff, military issue and made in the USA. Beware of some copies out there that look the same but do not offer thermal or radar scattering protection!

This is the real US military issue ULCANS camo netting that provides protection from visual, radar, and infrared (thermal) detection.

It provides a minimum of 80% reduction in thermal signature, and in addition it heats and cools just as natural vegetation does. That means as day turns to night it cools just as the surrounding environment does and looks just like the background when viewed in a thermal viewer.

These are approximately 6.5'x3', Most are slightly bigger than that.

Great for use to hide a person or small tent or bivy, or hook two or more together for a larger tent. You can double it over for around a 95% reduction in thermal signature!