ULCANS Camouflage Netting Large Sizes

ULCANS Camouflage Netting Large Sizes
Item# Netting

Product Description

Both sizes available at this time in limited quantities.

This is the real military ULCANS camo netting that provides visual, radar and infrared (thermal) protection.

This netting is factory new, not surplus, and is just the net, no bag or accessories. It has the proper attachments for hooking multiple pieces together.

Shown is the diamond in the photo, the hex is much larger and we didn't have enough space to lay it out!

Hex and Diamond are both available, you can choose to upgrade to the larger hex in the options. Please note a part of that upgraded cost is to cover shipping as our system won't adjust shipping weight based on options.

A diamond is 224.5 square feet, a hexagon is 673 square feet- a Hexagon is by far the best value per square foot.