Upgradable ALICE Pack Bugout Builder Set With Canteen

Upgradable ALICE Pack Bugout Builder Set With Canteen
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Pack Size:  Straps:  Add MOLLE Sleep System Carrier:  Waist Belt Option:  Canteen Cover:  This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

Since this video was made we now have woodland waist belts available as well.

**** The base price listed here gets you everything in the picture- Medium Alice Pack With Frame and Straps, Upgraded MOLLE Waist Belt, Canteen Cover and Canteen****

We have lots of folks looking for ALICE packs for use as an emergency kit of "bug-out" bags. We have been helping customers set up and customize these in store for years, and decided to extend that offer to our online customers.

The one major upgrade we always recommend is the MOLLE waist belt and kidney pad. It is a huge upgrade in how the weight is carried on your hips and how much stability it adds, and as a huge plus since it has MOLLE webbing you can carry a canteen, knife, pistol or anything else on it- that means your kits is grab and go ready in one unit. We include the belt and a canteen and cover (currently shipping woodland camo canteen covers with these) in this setup!

We offer a medium ruck like the one shown, or you can upgrade to a large. The large has a much greater capacity, but we recommend a medium for most people unless you are in a very cold climate where you must carry a large sleeping bag.- the idea is to keep your emergency kit small and mobile and most people tend to overpack with a large pack.

We also offer an option to upgrade to the MOLLE shoulder straps. They are wider and more padded, so some people prefer them. The standard ALICE straps are shown in the picture, although depending on supply they can come in woodland camo or olive drab.

The last option is the addition of a MOLLE Sleep System Carrier. This is a separate bag that you put your sleeping bag in that will hang below the main pack.

If you upgrade to both the MOLLE straps and Sleep System Carrier you have created what is known as a "Hellcat" ALICE pack. But we find most people are best served with the base option we have here- Medium Alice with the upgraded belt plus canteen and cover.