US Bomb Shipping Boxes- Great For Rifles and Ammo

US Bomb Shipping Boxes- Great For Rifles and Ammo
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We just got these in, and we only have 12, so I expect them to go really fast. These are US military issue storage boxes used to ship bombs to the airfield. They are very rugged- as you would hope a box for a bomb would be. They measure 48x12x12, more than enough room for several rifles plus accessories. They feature a heavy duty waterproof seal and 6 strong, adjustable clamps to seal it. If you have been looking for a rugged, secure solution for storing rifles in harsh conditions indoors or out, here it is.

These are 67 pounds- no light flimsy case. The original foam for holding the bomb in place is still there, that can be removed to make room as you need or cut to shape to hold rifles. The only thing missing is that the humidity indicators have been removed, leaving a 1 threaded hole. These can be sealed off with a 1 threaded plug from the hardware store to restore them to a waterproof state.

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