US Issue First Aid Kit With Quick-Clot

US Issue First Aid Kit With Quick-Clot
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This is the same as our regular surplus US issue kits, but we make it better by adding the 25 Quick-Clot 1st Response ACS pack!

We got an amazing deal on these, and we are passing it on to you! Just surplused from the USAF. You get the US issue case with hard plastic insert, 1 25g Quick-Clot 1st Response pack, 1 4" Israeli bandage, one US issue triangular bandage (cravat), a sterile 4.5"x4 yard compressed gauze bandage, 2 sealed packaged of adhesive bandages (many kits will have 3), first aid/CPR instructions and a tube of ChapStick.

According to most of the labels these were packed in 2009, so they are recent and fresh components.

Well over $35 of goods in this kit- all for $19.95!